Creative, efficient and original, we don’t have the time to promote ourselves, however, our work perfectly does.


We support you in the realization of your projects, in order to make your dreams come true.


We constantly evolve, pushing our skills and capacities
to rewrite, together, the design history..

At CreativeFriends, The image has a primary role and is part of a global communication based on personalization, originality and a keen eye for detail. We evolve and do our best to provide for our clients all possible keys of success. Our target is mutual: satisfaction.

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Since the opening of the agency in 2016, in Marrakech - the capital city of cultural exchange in North Africa – all our efforts have been focused on emerging a new design perspective, eye catching and as beautiful as it’s memorable. We are always in; when it’s about engaging a project that requires higher levels of creativity and offers multiple choice possibilities.

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What our clients say

“I struggled with finding a communication agency for my project Watchenizer. I wanted creativity and reactivity both in one agency and couldn’t find it. During the period i’ve worked with CreativeFriends, i was and still amazed by your performance. THANK YOU CreativeFriends.”

Hazal Schoonjans CEO-Owner / Watchenizer

Our advertising media constitute our notoriety. We gave CreativeFriends this responsibility and they lived up to it. Now, our newspapers and our creations are attracting more and more clients, thanks to the dedicated and talking work of this agency.

Ludovic Schorpion Directeur Nikki Beach Marrakech

Time goes by and I never cease to be grateful for the creative and honest work you have done on my entity, Sidi, known by the visual identity you gave it. Big thanks to the CreativeFriends team.

Chakir Belhaloumi Sidi Tailoring / CEO Owner

Thank you CreativeFriends for your listening, your dedication, your availability and responsiveness, but above all, thank you for being as close as a true friend.

Zaineb Bensassi Chef de Service // Direction provinciale d’agriculture de Marrakech (DPA)

I take care of my projects as I take care of my children. Since I entrusted CreativeFriends with the communication of my 3 companies, they have never disappointed me. Now I highly recommend them.

Dany Abouzeid BelgiumSpecific, Abouzeid shipping, Ecoglass Automotive

From the heart of Corsica, thank you for the time and creativity you have given to La Siesta. CreativeFriends, you are the best.

Olivier.M La Siesta Favona

We made the right choice to entrust Creative Friends with the creation and communication part of Probel. They have participated in many of our projects and we never cease to admire their performance. Big thanks !

Christophe.I Probel